End in Sight…Moving

So many people have asked how moving is going.

I thought I could show everyone, instead of trying to explain it.

It’s overwhelming for starters. When I moved to Oklahoma City I had one room.

I am so excited to get to that next step of the actual moving process, even though I have been in the packing process since April.

My Mom helped over the weekend and we moved stuff out to the garage so we could move around in our house, and make lots of big boxes.

Did you know they charge $80 for TV boxes? Ridiculousness so we are making our own 🙂

 Oh, did I mention the roadwork in front of our house?

Yes that’s the kicker-

They are building a sound wall and tearing up the road, sidewalk and our driveway. So this is our view-

Sorry for the iphone photos. I am completely in love with my new phone! Yes, I think I am turning into one of those people! 🙂

I had to talk to 20 different people about where the pod was going to go, since they tore up our driveway…

a hassle but worth it!

Our pod came today!!!!

This is a whole house, and of course, lots of toys.

 I did manage to get rid of some when Haakon was at his friends house…SHHHHH

And I sold a ton of stuff. I still feel like we have too much!

This is how far away it is from our backdoor…notice the nice piles of dirt and gravel everywhere…

This is gonna be fun!

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